FWF - P 29296-N27: UltraLowT

Funding institution:
FWF Austrian Science Fund

Project leader:
Silke BÜHLER-PASCHEN         

Project duration:
August 2016 - July 2019


Prof. Dr. Silke Bühler-Paschen
Project leader

Institute of Solid State Physics
Profile on AcademiaNet

Dr. Jonathan Hänel
October 2016 -June 2017

  • PhD (Physics) from TU Wien (2016)
  • Expertise: Strongly correlated electron systems, low temperature techniques, transport measurements
  • Tasks in project: Ultralow temperature transport measurements, improvement of measurement setup for ultralow temperatures

PhD. Andrey Sidorenko
July 2017 -

  • MSc (Physics) from Bryansk State University, Russia (1997)
  • PhD (Physics) from Moscow State University, Russia (2000)
  • Expertise: Ultra-low temperature experiments, NMR and microwave experiments, magnetism and related phenomena, thin magnetic films and heterostructures, crystal-field effects in rare-earth compounds
  • Tasks in project: Ultra-low temperature experiments: setting up and conducting magnetic susceptibility, resistivity and noise measurements at T<10 mK.


Duy Ha Nguyen

Dr. Duy Ha Nguyen
August 2016 -

  • PhD from Chungnam National University, South Korea (2005)
  • Expertise: Low-temperature solid state physics, experimental condensed matter physics, development of sensitive measurement techniques, cooling and sensitive measurement techniques
  • Tasks in project: Creating, controlling and exploiting the ultra-low temperature environment, development of specialized instrumentation for ultra-sensitive measurement techniques