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There is always an opportunity for truly talented and motivated students (project, master and Ph.D.) and postdocs. But our bar regarding skills in theoretical physics and/or program development is very high. If you think you qualify please send your CV to Prof. Karsten Held. Prospective research areas are:

  • Computational Materials Science
  • Many-Body Quantum Field Theory
  • Strongly correlated electron systems
  • Nano-Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence and big data



Postdoc/Ph.D. Solid State Theory

There are two vacancies for either a young postdoc (2 years) or a Ph.D. student (3 years) in Vienna.

The aim of the first project, within the DFG/FWF Research Unit QUAST, is to study heavy Fermion systems such as Ce3Bi4Pd3 by means of material-specific DFT+DMFT (density functional theory plus dynamical mean-field theory) and model calculations. The particular focus is on the aspects of topology and the evolution of quantum information measures around quantum critical points.

The second project is on the novel nickelate superconductors, using DFT+DMFT and dynamical vertex approximation (DΓA). The comparison to cuprates and experiment (ARPES, neutron, optics RIXS, Tc, superconducting gap), offers a unique new opportunity to better understand high-temperature superconductivity.

We offer a research topic at the scientific forefront in an international and vivid research environment. Vienna is a favorable location as regards culture and nature. For information on QUAST see, for the group see

For some coding related projects we also offer student jobs e.g. in the summer semester break.


Postdoc/Ph.D. positions Solid State Theory

Opening for a University Assistant (Postdoc/Ph.D.)