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Solid State Physics
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Group of Karsten Held


There is always an opportunity for truly talented and motivated students (project, master and Ph.D.) and postdocs. But our bar regarding skills in theoretical physics and/or program development is very high. If you think you qualify please send your CV to Prof. Karsten Held. Prospective research areas are:

  • Computational Materials Science
  • Many-Body Quantum Field Theory
  • Strongly correlated electron systems
  • Nano-Systems

For some coding related projects we also offer student jobs e.g. in the summer semester break.

ERC postdoctoral and doctoral positions

There is an opening for postdoctoral and doctoral positions in Vienna within the ERC project "Ab initio Dynamical Vertex Approximation". The aim of the project is the development, implementation and application of a novel method describing strong electronic correlations on all time and length scales beyond state-of-the-art methods, such as DFT, DMFT or GW. There is a high potential for a better understanding of quantum critical heavy fermion systems, high-temperature superconductors, and transport through nano- and heterostructures.

Prospective candidates should have outstanding skills in theoretical physics and/or program development. For the postdoctoral position working experience in DFT, GW, DMFT, or quantum field theory is required.

We offer a research topic at the scientific frontier in an international and vivid research environment. Vienna is a favorable location as regards culture and nature.

More information concerning the ERC project is available at AbinitioDΓA.

Please send an application to Prof. Karsten Held.


University Assistant (Post-Doc) position

Opening for a University Assistant (Post-Doc) position