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Solid State Physics
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Group of Karsten Held


Opens internal link in current windowWIEN2WANNIER — an interface program between Wien2k and Wannier90 to obtain maximally localized Wannier functions

reference: J. Kuneš, R. Arita, P. Wissgott, A. Toschi, H. Ikeda, K. Held, Comp. Phys. Commun. 181, 1888 (2010); arXiv:1004.3934.

Opens internal link in current windowWOPTIC — optical conductivity with Wannier functions and adaptive k-mesh refinement

reference: E. Assmann, P. Wissgott, J. Kuneš, A. Toschi, P. Blaha, K. Held, Comp. Phys. Commun. 202, 1 (2016); arXiv:1507.04881.

Opens external link in new windowW2DYNAMICSa continuous-time hybridization-expansion Monte Carlo code for calculating n-particle Green's functions of the Anderson impurity model and within dynamical mean-field theory

reference: M. Wallerberger, A. Hausoel, P. Gunacker, A. Kowalski, N. Parragh, F. Goth, K. Held, G. Sangiovanni, arXiv:1801.10209.

Opens external link in new windowAbinitioDGA — an implementation of a DΓA approach for electronic structure calculations of materials

reference: A. Galler, P. Thunström, J. Kaufmann, M. Pickem, J. M. Tomczak, K. Held, arXiv:1710.06651.

Opens external link in new windowvictory — a collection of numerical tools for solving the parquet equations for the Hubbard model and similar many body problems

reference: Gang Li, Anna Kauch, Petra Pudleiner, Karsten Held arXiv:1708.07457.

Opens external link in new windowLadderDGA — solves the ladder DΓA equations for a single orbital including a Moriya λ correction