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This page features some key publications of our group. For a complete list of publications of each group member can be found under Staff.

Optical excitations by electron beam techniques:

Transition radiation in EELS and Cathodoluminescence

M. Stöger-Pollach, L. Kachtik, B. Miesenberger, P. Retzl
Ultramicroscopy, 173 (2017), S. 31 - 35

Valence EELS below the limit of inelastic delocalization using conical dark field EFTEM or Bessel beams

M. Stöger-Pollach, T. Schachinger, K. Biedermann, V. Beyer
Ultramicroscopy, 173 (2017), S. 24 - 30

The Čerenkov limit of Si, GaAs and GaP in electron energy loss spectrometry

M. Horák, M. Stöger-Pollach
Ultramicroscopy, 157 (2015), S. 73 - 78


Mapping atomic orbitals:

Real-space mapping of electronic orbitals

S. Löffler, M. Bugnet, N. Gauquelin, S. Lazar, E. Assmann, K. Held, G. A. Botton, P. Schattschneider
Ultramicroscopy, 177 (2017), 26

Real-space localization and quantification of hole distribution in chain-ladder Sr3Ca11Cu24O41 superconductor

M. Bugnet, S. Löffler, D. Hawthorn, H. Dabkowska, G. Luke, P. Schattschneider, G. Sawatzky, G. Radtke, G. A. Botton
Science Advances, 2 (2016), 3

Atomic electric fields revealed by a quantum mechanical approach to electron picodiffraction

K. Müller, F. Krause, A. Béché, M. Schowalter, V. Galioit, S. Löffler, J. Verbeeck, J. Zweck, P. Schattschneider, A. Rosenauer
Nature Communications, 5 (2014), 5653


Phase manipulation in electron microscopy:

Imaging the dynamics of free-electron Landau states

P. Schattschneider, T. Schachinger, M. Stöger-Pollach, S. Löffler, A. Steiger-Thirsfeld, K. Bliokh, F. Nori
Nature Communications, 5 (2014), 4586

Production and application of electron vortex beams

J. Verbeeck, H. Tian, P. Schattschneider
Nature, 467 (2010), 301 - 304

Detection of magnetic circular dichroism using a transmission electron microscope

P. Schattschneider, S. Rubino, C. Hébert, J. Rusz, J. Kunes, P. Novák, E. Carlino, M. Fabrizioli, G. Panaccione and G. Rossi
Nature, 441 (2006), 486 - 488