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Mössbauer spectrometry

Available spectrometer:
  • Standard transmission spectrometer for temperature range 4.2 K to room temperature
  • High temperature transmission spectrometer for temperatures ranging from room temperature up to 1200 K
  • High field transmission spectrometer for measurements in fields up to 15 T at temperatures from 1.5 K to room temperature

All spectrometer are equipped with 57CoRh sources.

For analysis programs are available, which solve the full Hamiltonian, taking into account both electric and magnetic hyperfine interactions.

Main scientific topics:

Investigation of the magnetic ground state in skuterudites

Magnetic properties of the alpha- and the sigma-phase of FeCr and FeV

Investigation of mixed valence compounds (like thioferrates (Ba,K)Fe2X3, X = S or Se)

Temperature induced phase transitions in molecular magnets

Magnetic correlations above the freezing temperature of spin glasses

High field Mössbauer spectrometer

Contact: M. Reissner, W. Steiner