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Institut für Festkörperphysik



March 2013

"Christian Doppler Laboratory for Thermoelectricity" accpeted by the Christian Doppler Society. Project start: July 1, 2013. 


June 2012

ESA research project "MMCs for heat dissipation devices and their cryo-thermophysical properties" accepted. Project period July 2012 to January 2014.


April 2012

FWF research project "Thermoelectric materials": a combined experimental and ab-initio ansatz" accepted. Project period: September 2012 to August 2015. 


November 2011

EU Reserach project "NanoHiTEC" accepted. Project period: December 2011 to November 2013. 


May 2011:

FFG Reserch project "Auto-TEG II" accepted. Project period: May 2011 to December 2012.


August 2010:

A paper in Physical Review B reports on the discovery of an unconventional superconducting phase in non-centrosymmetric Mo3Al2C. The editors of PRB selected the work as "Editor's Suggestion" as well as for a "Synopsis in Physics".


2010 -2011:

Chairman of NESY (Austrian community of neutron and synchrotron users)


December 2009:

Reserch project FWF P22295 "Superconductivity without inversion symmetry" accepted. Project period: 2010 to 2012.


December 2008:

FFG Reserach project "AUTO-TEG" accepted. Project period 2009 - 2011.


June 2008:

Research project FFG "KON-TEG" accepted. Project period 2008 - 2010.


December 2007:

Research project FFG "THECLA" accepted, Project period 2008 - 2010




Chairman of the Austrian Chemical-Physical Society.



Chairman of Eu programme COST P16 "ECOM"