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Institut für Festkörperphysik
Institut für Festkörperphysik


Project – and diploma works

For students in the Bachelor/Master part of their study “Technische Physik” we can offer a number of interesting possibilities for project– and diploma works.

Project works:

  Experimental Solid State Physics (Experimentelle Festkörperphysik)

  Physics at high pressure (Physik bei hohen Drücken)

Diploma works (undergraduate thesis):

  Non-Fermi-liquid behaviour of ytterbium compounds

  Thermoelectric properties of novel clathrates

  Thermoelectric properties of novel skutterudites

  High pressure response of narrow gap semiconductors

  Hopping conductivity of RE-Mn-Al ternary intermetallics

  a.c. resistivity measurements at very low temperatures


Research on these themes is primarily carried out in an experimental manner; results, however, are usually analysed in terms of published theories where e.g., MATHEMATICA programme packages are used and applied.