Technische Universität Wien
Institut für Festkörperphysik

Univ. Prof.





1995 PhD, Institut de Génie Atomique, EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland
1992 Master (Dipl.-Ing.) in Physics, Graz University of Technology, Austria

Academic Positions

08/2016-present Complimentary appointment with Rice University, Houston, USA
08/2016-01/2017 Visiting Professor at Rice University, Houston, USA
05/2005-present Full Professor at Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria
02/2003-04/2005 Associate Professor (C3) at Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids (MPI CPfS), Dresden, Germany
12/2001-03/2002 Visiting Professor at the Institute of Solid State Physics, Nagoya University, Japan
01/1999-01/2003 Scientific Collaborator at MPI CPfS
08/1995-12/1998 Scientific Collaborator at Laboratory for Solid State Physics at ETH Zurich, Switzerland
05/1992-05/1995 Research Assistant at the Laboratoire de Physique des Solides Semi-cristallins, EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland
10/1990-02/1992 Scientific Collaborator as graduate student, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland
07/1989-09/1989 Summer Student, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland

Honors and Awards (selected)

2015 APS Fellow
2008 ERC Advanced Grant QuantumPuzzle
2003 Associate Professor (C3) group leader position plus start-up funding awarded by the Max Planck Society within Excellence Program for the Advancement of Outstanding Female Scientists

Institutional Responsibilities (selected)

2011-present Head of the Vienna Microkelvin Laboratory at TU Wien
2009-present Speaker of Research and Activity Domain “Materials for Thermoelectricity and Magnetocalorimetry” of the European Integrated Centre for the Development of New Metallic Alloys and Compounds (C-MAC)
2009-2010 Chair of search committee for full professorship “Solid State Spectroscopy” at IFP at TU Wien; call accepted by Andrei Pimenov
2007-2015 Head of Institute of Solid State Physics (IFP) at TU Wien
2008-2012 Speaker of TU Vienna Graduate School “Functional Matter”
2007-2010 Deputy director of TU Wien for FP6 NoE CMA, leader of a workpackage, a longterm, and a shortterm project (
2007-present Vice president of faculty board of Faculty of Physics at TU Wien
2006-2010 Chair of “Arbeitskreis Chancengleichheit Physik” of the Austrian Physical Society (
2006-2007 Chair of search committee for full professorship “Computational Materials Science” at IFP at TU Wien; call accepted by Karsten Held
2004-2009 Corresponding member of “Journal Club for Condensed Matter Physics” (


2008-2013 Editor to the "European Physical Journal B"
2013-2018 Curator to "Physik in Unserer Zeit"

Memberships in International Boards (selected)

since 2015 Board of the International Thermoelectric Society
since 2015 Condensed Matter Board (Main & Sect. Low Temperature) of the European Physical Society
since 2015 Member of Wissenschaftlicher Beirat der Kommission fur Tieftemperaturforschung, Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften