Technische Universität Wien
Institut für Festkörperphysik




09/2022-08/2027 Correlation-driven Metallic Topology (CorMeTop) ERC Advanced Grant No 101055088 (proposer)
01/2023-12/2026 Correlated Quantum Materials and Solid-State Quantum Systems (Q-M&S) Austrian Science Fund (FWF), Spezialforschungsbereich (SFB) (coordinator and 1 of 10 PIs)
01/2022-12/2025 Quantitative Spatio-Temporal Model-Building for Correlated Electronic Matter (QUAST - FOR5249) Austrian Science Fund (FWF), Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), Schweizerischer Nationalfonds (SNF)
01/2019-06/2023 European Microkelvin Platform H2020-INFRAIA-2018-2020
01/2019-06/2023 Driving Spin Orbit Coupling to the Extreme (exSOC) Austrian Science Fund (FWF) - Czech Science Foundation (GA ČR)
04/2017-09/2021 Thermoelectric Properties of Complex Mesowires (ThermoWire) Austrian Science Fund project FWF P29279-N27
08/2016-01/2021 Quantum criticality and new phases at ultralow temperatures (UltraLowT) Austrian Science Fund project FWF P29296-N27
since 10/2009 Research and Activity Domain:  Materials for thermoelectricity and magneto-calorimetry European Integrated Center for the Development of New Metallic Alloys and Compounds - C-MAC


03/2012-02/2020 Building Solids for Function (Solids4Fun) Austrian Science Fund, Doctoral School
FWF W1243-N16 (1 of 14 PIs)
04/2016-03/2019 Topology and Quantum Criticality in Kondo Insulators (TopQuantum) Austrian Science Fund project FWF I2535-N27
07/2014-07/2017 Kondo Insulator Interfaces (KIK) US Army ACC project W911NF
01/2012-01/2016 Nanostructured Transition-Metal Clathrates and Clathrate-Oxide Nanocomposites (nanOcla) project in DFG Priority Program 1386
(PI, 3 co-proposers)
04/2011-10/2015 Thermoelectricity of Quantum Matter (TQM) Austrian Science Fund project FWF I623
03/2011-06/2015 Thermoelectric clathrates for waste heat recovery (THECLA heat) Austrian Science Fund project FWF TRP176
06/2009-05/2015 Quantum Criticality -- The Puzzle of Multiple Energy Scale (QuantumPuzzle) ERC Advanced Grant No 227378
10/2008-09/2012 Functional Matter Doctoral Program of TU Vienna, 2008
09/2008 Materials Characterization Platform Infrastructure IV, 2007/2008, Austrian Ministery of Science
(1of 6 proposers, own module funded)
09/2008 Designed Matter and Quantum Technologies Infrastructure IV, 2007/2008, Austrian Ministery of Science
(1of 10 proposers)
02/2008 Thermoelektrizität in Clathraten: Abwärme als wertvolle Energiequelle der Zukunft Energie der Zukunft 2050, Austrian Ministery of Science
06/2007 Quantum materials at multiple extreme conditions Innovative Project of TU Vienna, 2007
09/2007-12/2009 Complex metallic alloys as thermoelectrics Short Term Projectin the FP6 NoE CMA
04/2007-03/2010 Strongly correlated cage compounds Austrian Science Fund project FWF P19458
07/2006-10/2009 Cage compounds FP7 EU NoE CMA
(coordinator of TU Vienna node)
05/2004 New Materials Infrastructure II, 2004 of TU Vienna, Austrian Ministery of Science
(external proposer)