26.07.-15.08.2020(proposal accepted) ICM 2018 - Summer Program at ASPEN Center for Physics - "Electronic topology across the correlation spectrum", Aspen, Colorado, USA, 1 of 4 organizers.
15.07.-22.07.2018 ICM 2018 - The International Conference on Magnetism, San Francisco, USA, coorganizer of SCES part.
23.01.-24.01.2017 Workshop on Strongly Correlated Materials: Topology and Quantum Phase Transitions, Rice University, 1 of 2 organizers.
08.12.-09.12.2016 Mini-Symposium – Progress and New Directions on 4f Electron Materials, Rice University, 1 of 3 organizers.
16.08.-13.09.2015 Summer Program at ASPEN Center for Physics, "Beyond Quasiparticles: New Paradigms for Quantum Fluids", 1 of 4 organizers.
18.08.-23.08.2014 QCM14 - Quantum Critical Matter - From Atoms To Bulk, Obergurgl, Austria, organizer and scientific coordinator.
27.05.-31.05.2013 E-MRS 2013 Spring Meeting, Strasbourg, France, organizer.