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28.07.-30.07.2021Strange Metal Workshop (online), Univ. Illinois, USA, "Superconductivity in an extreme strange metal"
28.06.-02.07.2021 The European Conference on Physics of Magnetism 2021 (online), Poznań, PL, "Correlation-driven topological semimetals"
26.-29.04.2021Virtual Mini-Workshop: RCQM Workshop on Topological Materials and Electron Correlations (online), Rice University, USA, "Correlation-driven topological semimetals"
13.-19.03.2021 APS March Meeting 2021, Session E49: Strongly Correlated Topological Metals, virtual, USA, "Extreme topological response in a nonmagnetic Weyl-Kondo semimetal"
Confirmed invited talks cancelled or postponed by the organizers for COVID-19:

21.09.-25.09.2020, International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems (SCES20), Casa Grande, Brazil; plenary talk
15.08.-22.08.2020, 29th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics LT29, Sapporo, Japan; semi-planary talk
28.06.-02.07.2020, Physics of Magnetism 2020 (PM’20), Poznan, Poland
02.04.-03.04.2020, RCQM Workshop on Topological Materials and Electron Correlations, Houston, USA
02.03.-06.03.2020, APS March Meeting, Denver, USA
05.11.2019 150-Jahr-Feier der Chemisch-Physikalischen Gesellschaft, Vienna, Austria, "Designer materials for the quantum revolution"
Video Festvortrag: Designer materials for the quantum revolution
11.10.-12.10.2019 Conference New Horizons in Disordered and Interacting Quantum Materials, Rutgers, USA, "New directions in heavy fermion quantum criticality"
04.10.2019 PhysiklehrerInnen-Fortbildung des Wiener Stadtschulrates, Wien, Austria, "Kalt - kälter - ultrakalt, Wie man Mikrokelvin-Temperaturen im Labor herstellt und wozu man das braucht"
23.09.-28.09.2019 International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems (SCES19), Okayama, Japan, "Singular charge fluctuations in the quantum critical heavy fermion compound YbRh2Si2"
08.09.-19.09.2019 Cryocourse, Zemplinska Širava/Košice, Slovakia, "Strongly correlated electron systems" & "Quantum fluctuations and quantum phase transitions"
09.09.-11.09.2019 Workshop Itinerant Magnetism and Superconductivity, Dresden, Germany, "Nonmagnetic Weyl-Kondo semimetals"
26.05.-31.05.2019 14th International Conference on Quasicrystals (ICQ14), Kranjska Gora, Slovenia, "Rattling modes for better thermoelectrics?"
29.04.-03.05.2019 CNLS 39th Annual Conference – Strongly Correlated Quantum Materials, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, "Weyl-Kondo semimetal behavior in Ce3Bi4Pd3"
14.01.-18.01.2019 The ICAM-NCTS Annual Meeting and Frontiers of Condensed Matter Workshop, National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan, "Weyl-Kondo semimetal behavior in Ce3Bi4Pd3"
03.12.-05.12.2018 ECMetAC Days 2018, Pozna´n, Poland, "On the interplay of strong correlations and topology – A new playground for complex intermetallics"
08.10.-10.10.2018 Hangzhou Workshop on Quantum Matter, Hangzhou, China, "New frontiers in heavy fermion quantum criticality"
17.09.-20.09.2018 4th International Fall School ToCoTronics 2018, Universität Würzburg, Germany, "Quantum criticality in strongly correlated electron systems – An experimentalist’s perspective"
22.07.-02.08.2018 International Workshop Frustration, Orbital Fluctuations, and Topology in Kondo Lattices and theri Relatives, MPI PKS, Dresden, Germany, "Orbital fluctuations and topology in heavy fermion systems"
24.06.-29.06.2018 C-MAC Euroschool 2018, Krakow, Poland, "Interacting electrons and phonons in thermoelectrics"
25.05.-28.05.2018 NCTS Workshop on Correlated Quantum Many-body Systems: from Topology to Quantum Criticality, Hsinchu, Taiwan,, "The role of orbitals and spin-orbit coupling in heavy fermion compounds"
24.04.-25.04.2018 RCQM Spring Workshop Topological Superconductors: Materials, topological order, and quenched disorder, Rice University, Houston, USA, "Weyl semimetal behavior in Kondo systems"
05.03.-09.03.2018 APS March Meeting 2018, Session K41: Topological Kondo Semimetals and Low Carrier Systems, Los Angeles, USA, "Experimental evidence for Weyl semimetal behavior in Kondo systems"
14.01.-20.01.2018 2018 Aspen Winter Conference, High Temperature Superconductivity - Unifying Themes in Diverse Materials, Aspen Center for Physics, Aspen, USA, "Sequential localization and strange-metal behavior of a complex electron fluid"
11.10.2017 Symposium on Topological Kondo Semimetals at 2017 Zhejiang Workshop on Correlated Matter, Hangzhou, China, "Experimental evidence for Weyl semimetal behavior in Ce3Bi4Pd3"
10.10.-13.10.2017 Zhejiang Workshop on Correlated Matter, Hangzhou, China, "Sequential Kondo destruction in the heavy fermion system Ce3Pd20Si6"
01.10.-07.10.2017 Workshop on Spin, Charge, and Energy Currents in Novel Materials, Hvar, Croatia, "Weyl-Kondo semimetal behavior in Ce3Bi4Pd3"
17.08.-21.08.2017 ULT2017, International Conference on Ultra Low Temperature Physics, Heidelberg, Germany, "Quantum criticality in heavy fermion systems at low and ultralow temperatures"
17.07.-21.07.2017 SCES2017, International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems, Prague, Czech Republic, "Electrical transport properties of YbRh2Si2 at ultralow temperatures"
26.02.-01.03.2017 Quantum Criticality & Novel Phases 2017, Berlin, Germany, "Multiple orders and quantum criticality in cubic Ce3Pd20Si6"
23.01.-24.01.2017 Workshop on Strongly Correlated Materials: Topology and Quantum Phase Transitions, Rice University, Houston, USA, "Topology and quantum phase transitions in heavy fermion materials"
04.11.-05.11.2016 Workshop on Frontiers of Quantum Materials, Rice University, Houston, USA, "Quantum criticality in a heavy fermion system with quadrupolar order"
11.10.-12.10.2016Joint ICQM-RCQM Workshop on Quantum Matters, Beijing, China, "Quantum criticality and multipolar order in heavy fermion systems"
04.09.-09.09.2016CMD26 - Condensed Matter Division, Groningen, The Netherlands, "New concepts for thermoelectricity: The case of clathrates"
10.08.-16.08.2016QFS 2016 - International Conference on Quantum Fluids and Solids 2016,Prague, Czech Republic, "Quantum criticality and novel phases in heavy fermion metals"
04.07.-08.07.2016SAIP 2016 - Johannesburg, South Africa, "New trends in strongly correlated materials"
04.06.-11.06.2016From Solid State to Biophysics VIII "From Basic to Life Sciences", Dubrovnik, Croatia, "Kondo interactions in thermoelectric clathrates"
03.04.-06.04.2016 612th WE-Heraeus-Seminar "Electrons and phonons: Interfaces and interactions", Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany, "Electron and phonon design by interactions: Type-I clathrates"
10.03.-11.03.2016 TÜV AUSTRIA Kälte Klima Fachtage 2016, Vösendorf, Austria, "Tiefkälte mit minus 273°C - das Versuchslabor in Wien"
04.12.2015 Workshop "From Hard to Soft Matter...and Back", Lausanne, Switzerland, "Quantum criticality in the cubic heavy fermion compound Ce3Pd20Si6"
18.09.2015 MPI CPfS Workshop - Chemistry and Physics of Intermetallic Compounds, Dresden, Germany, "Rational design of thermoelectric clathrates"
31.08.2015 Energietag - Gemeinsame Jahrestagung von ÖPG und SPG, Vienna, Austria, "Materialdesign für thermoelektrische Anwendungen"
16.08.-13.09.2015 Beyond Quasiparticles: New Paradigms for Quantum Fluids - Summer Workshop at Aspen Center for Physics, Aspen, USA, "Experimental overview"
05.07.-10.07.2015 ICM 2015 - 20th International Conference on Magnetism, Barcelona, Spain, "Multiple quantum critical points in a cubic heavy fermion system"
28.06.-02.07.2015 ICT 2015, Dresden, Germany, "Phonon and electron engineering of thermoelectric clathrates"
26.03.-27.03.2015Symposium on Quantum Criticality: Heavy Fermion Systems and Beyond, Rice University, Houston, USA, "Multiple quantum critical points in Ce3Pd20Si6"
08.12.-11.12.2014C-MAC Days 2014, Institute of Physics, Zagreb, Croatia, "Thermoelectric clathrates: From phonons to correlations"
22.09.-26.09.2014KITP - Kavli Institute For Theoretical Physics - Strong Correlations and Unconventional Superconductivity: Towards a Conceptual Framework, Santa Barbara, USA, "Fermi surface reconstructions at heavy fermion quantum critical points"
18.08.-23.08.2014QCM14 - Quantum Critical Matter - From Atoms To Bulk, Obergurgl, Austria, organizer and scientific coordinator
07.07.-11.07.2014SCES 2014 - The International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems, Grenoble, France, "Thermopower enhancement in a Ce-containing clathrate"
25.06.-26.06.2014DSL 2014 - 10th International Conference on Diffusion in Solids and Liquids, Paris, France, "Nanostructured thermoelectrics"
22.06.2014SCTE 2014 - 19th International Conference on Solid Compounds of Transition Elements, Genua, Italy, "Enhanced thermoelectric performance of cerium-containing intermetallic clathrates"
07.06.-14.06.20147th International Conference - From Basic to Life Sciences: From Solid State to BioPhysics, Dubrovnik, Croatia, "Strongly correlated cage compounds as thermoelectrics"
25.04.2014ERC Grants Workshop, National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia, "ERC Advanced Grant - Holder's point of view"
26.03.2014International Max Planck Research School, Dresden, Germany, "Enhanced thermopower in a Ce-containing clathrate"
21.02.-25.02.2014SPP 1386 4th Status Meeting, Bad Aussee, Austria, "Nanostructured Transition-Metal Clathrates and Clathrate-Oxide Nanocomposites"
10.02.-11.02.201429. Workshop on Novel Materials and superconductors, Obertraun, Austria, "Thermopower enhancement by encapsulating cerium in clathrate cages"
10.12.-11.12.2013Workshop on Heavy Fermion Materials and Quantum Phase Transitions, Houston, USA, "Quantum criticality in cubic heavy fermion compounds"
11.11.-12.11.2013NESY-Symposium "Research at European Neutron and Synchrotron facilities by Austrian researchers", Vienna, Austria, "Neutron scattering – from phonons to magnetic excitations"
11.10.2013Symposium "Frontiers of Solid State Physics", Klosterneuburg, Austria, "Quantum criticality - the case of heavy-fermion compounds"
28.09.-02.10.2013Thermoelectrics 2013, Split, Croatia, "Correlation-enhanced thermopower in a clathrate compound"
15.09.-19.09.2013International Conference on Quantum Phase Transitions: Experiment and Theory, Lauterbad/Freudenstadt, Germany, "Quantum criticality in a cubic heavy fermion compound"
05.08.-09.08.2013SCES 2013 - The International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems, Tokyo, Japan, "Cubic Ce3Pd20Si6 – The role of dimensionality on quantum criticality"
27.05.-31.05.2013E-MRS 2013 Spring Meeting, Strasbourg, France, organizer
21.04.-25.04.20132013 Hangzhou Workshop on Quantum Matter, Hangzhou, China, "Towards a global phase diagram for heavy fermion quantum criticality"
18.03.-22.03.2013APS March Meeting 2013, Baltimore, MD, USA, "Dimensionality and quantum criticality in heavy fermion metals"
10.11.-12.11.2012Workshop on Heavy Fermions and Quantum Phase Transition, Beijing, China, "Kondo breakdown in the cubic heavy fermion compound Ce3Pd20Si6"
06.08.-17.08.2012Innovations in Strongly Correlated Electronic Systems: School and Workshop, Trieste, Italy, "Exploring heavy-fermion quantum criticality in the extreme 3D limit"
08.07.-13.07.2012ICM 2012 - The 19th International Conference on Magnetism with SCES, Busan, South Korea, "A materials-based global phase diagram for heavy-fermion quantum criticality"
05.07.-07.07.2012ICHN 2012 - International Conference on Heavy Electrons and Novel Quantum Phases, Gyeongju, South Korea, "Quantum criticality in the cubic heavy fermion compound Ce3Pd20Si6"
28.06.-29.06.2012Theoretical and experimental magnetism meeting, Abingdon, UK, "Quantum criticality in a cubic heavy fermion compound"
06.06.-08.06.2012BIT’s 1st Annual World Congress of Advanced Materials - 2012, Beijing, China, "The role of dimensionality in heavy-fermion quantum criticality"
19.03.-23.03.2012Microkelvin Workshop 2012, Smolenice, Slovakia, "Quantum criticality in heavy-fermion materials"
16.12.2011SFB Meeting: Foundations and Applications of Quantum Science, Vienna, Austria, "Quantum Criticality: Towards a Generalized Phase Diagram for Heavy-Fermion Systems"
10.10.-12.10.2011TRR 80: From Electronic Correlations to Functionality, International Workshop: Functionality from Heterostructures, Obergurgl, Austria, "Role of Dimensionality in Heavy Fermion Quantum Critical Points"
19.09.-25.09.2011NATO ADVANCED RESEARCH WORKSHOP New materials for thermoelectric applications: theory and experiment, Hvar, Croatia, "Anisotropic Kondo insulators"
05.09.-09.09.2011CoQuS Summer School 2011, Vienna, Austria, "Quantum phase transition" (colloquium)

14.06.-17.06.2011International Discussion Meeting on Thermoelectrics and Related Functional Materials, Aalto University, Denmark, "Thermoelectric clathrates"
09.05.-13.05.2011E-MRS 2011 SPRING MEETING, Nice, France, "Challenges for clathrates in thermoelectric applications"
28.03.-01.04.2011Frühjahrsschule Thermoelektrik of the Deutsche Thermoelektrische Gesellschaft, Köln Riehl, Germany, "Thermoelectric clathrates"
29.11.-01.12.2010MRS Fall Meeting 2010, Boston, USA, "Thermoelectric Properties of Transition Metal Clathrates."
15.11.-18.11.2010C-MAC Days, Dresden, Germany, "Cage compounds as thermoelectrics."
30.09.-06.10.2010Workshop New Materials for Thermoelectric Applications: Theory and Experiment, Hvar, Kroatia, " Towards phonon and electron engineered thermoelectrics"
30.08.-03.09.201023rd General Conference of the Condensed Matter Division of the European Physical Society, Warsaw, Poland, "Heavy fermion quantum criticality"
02.08.-13.08.2010Workshop Principles and Design of Strongly Correlated Electron Systems, International Center for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy, "Recent development in heavy-fermion quantum criticality"
27.06.-02.07.2010International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems, Santa Fee, USA,"Anisotropic transport in the Kondo insulator CeRu4Sn6"
13.06.-18.06.2010Gordon Research Conference 2010: Correlated Electron Systems, Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, USA,  "Unconventional quantum criticality"
25.03.-27.03.2010WPI-Advanced Institute for Materials Research Annual Workshop 2010, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, "Nano-caged compounds"
04.10.-07.10.20091st International Conference on Complex Metallic Alloys and their Complexity, Nancy, France, "Complex intermetallic compounds as thermoelectrics"
02.10.-07.10.2010Advanced Research Workshop: New materials for thermoelectric applications: theory and experiment, Hvar, Croatia, "Towards phonon and electron engineered thermoelectrics"
07.09.-10.09.2009EUROMAT 2009, Glasgow, UK,"Synthesis, structure, and physical properties of thermoelectric Ba-Ni-Ge type-I clathrates"
02.08.-05.08.2009International Conference on Quantum Criticality and Novel Phases, Dresden, Germany, "Kondo breakdown in the cubic heavy fermion compound Ce3Pd20Si6"
16.03.-20.03.2009APS March Meeting, Pittsburgh, USA, "Quantum criticality in a cubic heavy fermion cage compound"
21.02.-28.02.200924th Workshop on Novel Materials and Superconductors, Planneralm, Austria, "Thermoelectrics"
11.01.-14.01.2009ICAM/INTELBIOMAT meeting, Moller Centre, Cambridge, UK, "Quantum criticality and energy scales"
05.10.-08.10.2008Third International Workshop on Ordering Phenomena in Transition Metal Oxides, Augsburg, Germany, "Quantum criticality in heavy fermion compounds"
01.10.-04.10.2008Frontiers in Complex Metallic Alloys, Workshop of the European Network of Excellence Complex Metallic Alloys, Zagreb, Kroatia, "Thermoelectric properties of cage compounds"
23.08.-24.08.2008European Forum Alpbach 2008 – University Day, Alpbach, Austria, "Functional matter – designer materials and quantum technologies"
31.07.-01.08.2008ULT2008 - Frontiers of Low Temperature Physics, London, United Kingdom, "Quantum criticality in heavy fermion compounds – The need for lower temperatures"
31.07.-01.08.2008Theoretical and Experimental Magnetism Meeting, Abingdon, UK, "Quantum criticality in heavy fermion compounds"
26.07.-31.07.200816th International Conference on Solid Compounds of Transition Elements, Dresden, Germany, "Phonon engineering of thermoelectrics – The case of clathrates"
07.07.-11.07.2008International Conference on Quasicrystals, Zurich, Switzerland, "Thermoelectric properties of complex metallic alloys"
29.06.-03.07.2008Second International Symposium on Structure-Property Relationships in Solid State Materials, Nantes, France, "Quantum critical behaviour of heavy fermion compounds"
07.04.-11.04.2008Frühjahrsschule Thermoelektrik of the Deutsche Thermoelektrische Gesellschaft, Freiburg, Germany, "Käfigverbindungen für thermoelektrischen Anwendungen"
12.07.200715th International Conference on Crystal Growth, Salt Lake City, USA, "Strongly correlated cage compounds"
21.05.-26.05.20072nd European School in Materials Science, Ljubljana, Slovenia, "Thermoelectric materials" (basic tutorial)
26.02.-02.03.200761. Fortbildungswoche f¨ur Chemie- und Physiklehrer, Vienna University, Austria, "Materialphysik: Intermetallische Verbindungen maßgeschneidert"
09.10.-13.10.2006Herbstschule Thermoelektrik of the Deutsche Thermoelektrische Gesellschaft, Tübingen, Germany, "Käfigverbindungen für thermoelektrischen Anwendungen"
18.09.-21.09.200656. Jahrestagung of the Österreichische Physikalische Gesellschaft, Graz, Austria, "Intermetallische Verbindungen maßgeschneidert" (keynote)
06.08.-10.08.200625th International Conference on Thermoelectrics, Vienna, Austria, "Strongly correlated cage compounds" (plenary)
14.08.-25.08.2006Miniworkshop on New States of Stable and Unstable Quantum Matter, Trieste, Italy, "Experiments on quantum criticality: A review"
19.04.-21.04.2006Junior Scientist Conference, Vienna University of Technology, Austria, "Materials Science – The fascinating world of intermetallics" (keynote)
12.02.-17.02.200621st Workshop on Novel Materials and Superconductivity, Planneralm, Austria, "Hall effect as a tool to study quantum phase transitions"
16.11.-19.11.2005The 3rd Hiroshima Workshop: Novel functional materials with multinary freedoms, Higashi-Hiroshima, Japan, "Towards strongly correlated thermoelectrics"
25.09.-30.09.2005Workshop on correlated thermoelectric materials, Hvar, Croatia, "Towards strongly correlated thermoelectrics"
26.07.-30.07.2005International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems, Vienna, Austria, "Hall-effect evolution across a heavy-fermion quantum critical point"
19.05.-21.05.2005Workshop on Anomalous Phenomena in Strongly Correlated Electron Materials, Wroclaw, Polen, "Hall effect indicates destruction of large Fermi surface at a heavy-fermion quantum critical point"
21.03.-25.03.2005APS March Meeting, Los Angeles, USA, "Hall effect indicates destruction of large Fermi surface at a heavy-fermion quantum critical point"
18.03.2005Programme "Quantum Phase Transitions" at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Santa Barbara, Californien, USA, "Hall effect near a quantum critical point"
28.02.-04.03.2005Korrelationstage 2005, MPI PKS Dresden, "Hall-effect evolution across a heavy-fermion quantum critical point"
11.10.-14.10.2004335. WE-Heraeus-Seminar, Quantum Phase Transitions, Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, "Hall effect at a heavy-fermion quantum critical point"
19.07.-23.07.200420th General Conference Condensed Matter Division EPS, Prague, Czech Republic, "Hall effect at a heavy-fermion quantum critical point"
12.07.-23.07.2004Workshop on Novel States and Phase Transitions in Highly Correlated Matter, Trieste, Italy, "Hall effect at quantum critical points"
22.02.-28.02.200419th Workshop on Novel Materials and Superconductivity, Planneralm, Austria, "Evolution of the Fermi sea volume at magnetic quantum critical points"
27.07.-01.08.2003International Conference on Magnetism, Rom, Italien, "Hall effect at a quantum critical point"
12.05.-23.05.2003Workshop on Non-Fermi liquid behavior and quantum phase transitions, Lorentz Center, Leiden, Holland, "Hall effect of YbRh2Si2"
12.11.-14.11.2002The Third International Symposium on Advanced Science Research: Advances in the Physics of f-Electron Systems, Tokai, Japan, "Kondo-insulating behaviour of U2Ru2Sn"
29.09.-03.10.2002NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Concepts in Electron Correlation, Hvar, Croatia, "The non-Fermi-liquid compound YbRh2Si2"
16.08.-19.08.2002The 2nd Hiroshima Workshop: Transport and Thermal Properties of Advanced Materials, Higashi-Hiroshima, Japan, "Clathrates and their potential as thermoelectric materials"
14.07.-18.07.20027th German-Japanese Symposium: Cooperative quantum phenomena and superconductivity in strongly correlated electron systems, Seeon, Germany, "Towards new strongly correlated low-carrier-density systems"
28.05.-01.06.2001Workshop: Emerging Materials for Chemical Physics, at Schloss Ringberg, Germany, "Transport properties of low-carrier-density systems: From CeNiSn to new clathrate compounds"
13.02.-19.02.200015th Workshop on Novel Materials and Superconductivity, Planneralm, Austria, "Thermal-transport properties of CeNiSn"
07.02.-12.02.1998Edgar-Lüscher-Seminar, Serneus, Switzerland, "Kondo insulators: the case of FeSi"